Today I was called a HYPOCRITE! (In my I'm so shocked, who me, humble and hurt demeanor)

I was having a conversation with a friend and of all the words spoken that could have hurt me and question our connection was the one word chosen to define me at that moment was "HYPOCRITE".  In the words of Kevin Hart "let me explain".  I brought to the attention of my friend that there was something I thought was inappropriate.  The response was that I was a hypocrite and basically remove the big behind plank from your own eye to see clearly to remove the speck in your bothers eye.


Iiiiiii don't think Iiiiii was being judgmental or hypocritical but discerning something that Iiiii thought was not becoming to this person out of love.  Do I have a plank in my eye?  ABSOLUTELY! I had just prayed the night before asking for an even closer relationship with my Father and for several months although not overly consumed with the matter I wanted to address this particular issue with my friend.  Well! The window opened today and guess what!  Iiiii got the back-wash!  Now how did it make me feel?  Not good! I believe that GOD has given us all the spirit of discernment to help our fellow Christians and he uses all situations to make us right.

Although we all have a plank in our eye I believe there are some things we can see spiritually. In this case I do not feel that I was being hypocritical or judgmental but bringing something to the forefront and addressing it as I felt led by GOD after all the window opened.

But after our conversation I felt like a spiritual pompous ass.  That being said I had to examine myself and do as the word directs me to do and remove the plank from my own eye.

Lesson learned:  God uses all situations to strengthen our relationship with HIM! And we have to be ready for the BACK-WASH!

With that said the back-wash washed the plank from my eye:)


btw I can say ass cuz ass is in the bible....lol.  We used to say that when we were kids trying to justify saying a word that would be considered a questionable bad word.  

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