Re-Purpose 2014 - He is Amazing, He is Awesome, He is the Almighty!

Is my word for 2014! 

So we think that only things can be re-purposed.  One of my sisters in Christ posted on her blog that she was making granny squares color combination black, grey, and blue.  Batman colors.  She stated that she had messed up on one of them and was gonna toss it.  Then she reconsidered and re-purposed it into a change purse.

She went on to state that colors were the colors of the Batman costume who is considered a super hero.  So she said why not look at our God and the GOD-MAN!  Whoa!  I was thrown into a celestial whirlwind.  GOD-MAN my Super Hero! Why can't people be Re-Purposed?  Thank you Jennifer!

We often think that our lives have been a waste there is no redemption and not worth moving forward.  Well I was in that state for the majority of 2013.  But I have experienced the Re-Purposing power of my Super Hero GOD-MAN!  I have experienced His redemptive power and bringing me out of situations that I have allowed myself to get into by making my own decisions without HIM!  In 2013 I made some choices because I did not trust Him enough to bring me through certain situations.  But He made a way for me to be Re-Purposed out of no way possible.  He is Amazing, He is Awesome, He is the Almighty! 


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