Maximizing every Day that GOD Blesses me with!

I have made the choice to maximize each day that God has allowed me to enter.  I love Him each day more and more.  Everyday someone will ask "how are you today"? Even if the natural man says.... Bills!!!!, WORK argggh!! People getting on my nerves.....WHOA!!!, can't find my way!!!! I will respond I am well I woke up this morning with breath in my lungs and a God who provided the breath so I am well. 

God told me last year not to look at the path because HE is the path look at HIM and HE will walk me. 
So now I maximize my day!
5:30 am
First Fruits go to Him = Worship

Maximize my finances-  I have started to TITHE!!!
And I went to financial counseling which made a big difference in my credit score!!!

OH! Work that DOLLA, I have learned that the dollar store and  Goodwill have some good finds as well!

I have not had cable for almost a year.  Do I miss it NO!  why was I paying $150.00 monthy to be made to watch cable shows that I don't like. Just about everything can be streamed and my daughter dosen't miss it either.  We have maximized our electornics.  My phone is a hotspot for $20.00. So I can connect to netflix via Wii, and Kindle, download movies and get free movies from the public library. 

Maximize on activities for youth keep your children busy, moving and motivated.  Mighty Writers, http://www.mightywriters.org/  IC Movement, http://www.icmovement.org/free programs at the library, http://www.freelibrary.org/  and YMCA https://philaymca.org/ member ship for us both $24.00 monthly. 

Maximize on education, tuition and schedule very flexible.  I have enrolled in Eastern's School of Christian Ministry Palmer Theological Seminary.  I would like to be equipped to work with our innercity youth.  http://www.palmerseminary.edu/

Maximize on Christian fellowship and networking, ENON noonday service every Tuesday at Broad and Arch, Local Christian Worship Leader monthly concerts at various venues http://www.theresanoye.com/

being spiritually lazy
being spiritually bored
being spiritually boring
being locked in a christian box
waiting on a husband or wife to do for you
being afraid of your calling
being afraid of your future and your past

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