Just made these this morning.....

A lil somm somm to get the fall started.  Mo WIPZ to come.

I learned to crochet and knit in Home Ec in middle school in a small town called Havre De Grace. I used to come home and teach my grandmother who had arthiritis she continued to learn and soon I was comming home to a new afghan she had made every two days or so. She would sit in her favorite chair and watch her tv programs (Kojack, Mannax, Starsky and Hutch ....) and make her creations I was so proud of her. I still am because I still have most of ther afghans to this day even though she is long gone. I soon stopped and then two years ago while on a search for a poncho I thought I can make one myself so thats when I picked it back up. Ummmm no I have not made the poncho yet but I've made just about everything else and a poncho for my daughter. I find myself connecting more with the yarn the colors and fibers than the actual projects I need Help. I am STRUNG-OUT on YARN I can't stop buying it.

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